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Grinding your teeth?

Grinding teeth, also known as “bruxism” can cause pain and discomfort in the jaw. It can wear the teeth down and cause severe headaches and even earache in some people.  I have often seen patients come in to the surgery with fractured fillings and broken teeth as a result of this habit.

Lots of people are not aware that they do this, as it happens predominantly in our sleep. Lifestyle it seems, according to research is a big factor. If you are anxious or constantly stressed, grinding your teeth in your sleep may happen subconsciously. By looking at your situation in life, it may be possible to stop grinding your teeth. High levels of stress at work have a real negative effect generally on our health.

Behavioural therapies and the use of mouth guards or mouth splints are recommended treatments for bruxism. Other treatments, such as muscle-relaxation exercises and sleep hygiene may also help manage your symptoms.

If you have an anxiety or stress-related problem, a course of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be recommended. CBT aims to manage your problems by changing how you think and act. It may be possible to break the habit of teeth grinding using habit-reversal techniques.

Making some simple lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking (if you smoke), reducing your alcohol consumption and managing stress may also be very beneficial.

Why not make some changes if you recognise any of the above symptoms……

We would like to share some news with the local community…..Our lovely Nurse Kim is travelling to Kenya in June with the charity Dentaid, to help provide emergency treatment to areas with no dental facilities. We are selling second hand books, as well as making cakes regularly to raise funds to help her. Please feel free to pop in, even if you are not registered with us to have a browse.  All welcome.




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