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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety


Lots of us have heard about anxiety. Some of us may know colleagues or friends and family that suffer from this, or may have even suffered themselves. When we become anxious, our body responds in several ways.  We experience sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, stomach cramps, irritability and much more. Anxiety may stem from a past issue, learnt behaviour, a phobia, or simply that we are frightened of a situation.  Sometimes it can be life’s pressures and expectations of scenarios rather than facts. We start to feel uneasy and concerned.  All of this takes a toll on our body. Dental anxiety is so common.  Here at Gedling Dental, we have lots of patients who have dental anxiety and so we decided a long time ago that we would like to make things easier for you.


What we offer to combat this

  • We listen and always give you the choice with treatment
  • The Practice is calm
  • We keep clinical smells to a minimum by using essential oils in diffusers
  • Our time slots are tailored to your requirements
  • Bring your earphones
  • The staff understand how to support you
  • We never judge
  • We offer relative analgesia (ask for details)


What you can do

  • Try and relax – be conscious of your breathing
  • Attend your appointment, routine helps
  • Don’t avoid facing your fear
  • Learn to trust us by taking that first step
  • Replace negatives with positives with help from us
  • Talk to us, this is important
  • “What if” is not helpful. By talking to us we can give you the facts rather than let your mind wander.


Come and see us – even if initially you would like a chat and a cuppa. We offer free WiFi and complementary drinks.

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