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Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem. It is a sign that something is wrong with our mouth or your digestion. Bad breath is very often caused by having too many of the wrong sort of bacteria in your mouth, the sort that give off smelly gases, like hydrogen sulphide. If you have cavities in your teeth or loose gums around your teeth, then you have places where these bad bacteria can hide and multiply.

It is important to see a dentist to figure out what is causing bad breath. Once we know the cause, we can find a solution and get bad breath smelling fresh again. It may be that you need cavities in your mouth repaired. Or you may need the hard deposits of calculus, which are providing a ledge around your teeth for the bad bacteria to hide under, cleaned away with a dental hygiene treatment. Once this stuff sets hard on your teeth, no amount of ordinary tooth-brushing will shift it. You may need to have periodontal treatment to reduce the depth of the pockets of infected gum around your teeth. Or you may simply need some new ideas to help you clean your teeth, gums and tongue at home.

It is never easy talking about bad breath, although it is a very common problem. However, we at Gedling Dental pride ourselves on taking a caring approach and working with you so that you feel confident about smiling and speaking in public. Give us a call!

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